Monday, July 31, 2006

Keeping ones head above water...

This weekend wasn't gangbusters so far as sales were concerned. Both shows were mercilessly hot. It rained during the week flooding parts of Northeastern Ohio. It rained during the show in Michigan.

These are the days that take everything out of you. You're trying to enjoy yourself. There are friends at the show, you get to talk and laugh. But the constant and oppressive heat grind away at your energy. You brain literally begins to cook. We ran through gallons of water, and remember, my sales people are wearing bloody corsets all day. The crowds are good, so why aren't we doing better sales? My sales minions are unhappy because they know we sell a great product. They "sell" this product with skill and zeal. They do a great job. But the final hurdle of price keeps getting in the way.

I start to blame myself. Stock levels are low. Lower that usual because we're running two shows at once. I had planned to steal some stock from Great Lakes and take it up to Silver Leaf in Michigan. But it can't be done. The stock just isn't there. I ordered a whacking amount of stock way back in May, but we had two big shows and several smaller shows before the official season opened. I should have reordered sooner. Now is the absolute worst time to ask for more corsets. Pennsic is coming up and Thomas needs stock too. But I need to replentish my stock or I'll loose sales because we're out of some sizes and styles.

These are the parts of my job that one can file under "Not Fun". Suffering through bad weather and supply chain issues. Once I'm in some air conditioning I can begin to think clearly again. I'm not sure how I'm going to solve my supply issues.


Anonymous said...

A corset trade in program? For women who have outgrown or no longer like the color of a previous corset they bought from you?

Just an idea


Steve said...

We encourage women who have either lost a lot of weight or outgrown their corset to simply dry clean and ebay their corset. They hold their value pretty well. You never know what abuse they put their corset through while they owned it and a new customer shouldn't have to deal with a nasty suprise.