Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It would be funney if it weren't insane and sad...

Some of you may have heard me give the 30 second version of "What Scientology?". Upon hearing this, many of you say "What the....are you kidding me??"

No. I'm not kidding you. If you'd like a nice animated version click the image below.

This is not a joke. This 'church' is very popular among the Hollywood set and they rake in BILLIONS of dollars from their followers. The also have a long and ugly history that involves murder, terrorism, attack lawyers and more. Go check out Xenu.net for more info. But I warn you, you won't like what you see.


Anonymous said...

Being an attack lawyer myself, I must applaud my collegues for milking this organization for as much money as possible.

Sir Constantine

Steve said...

I have a great respect for the legal proffession. But Scientology uses lawyers like large bore handguns. They unleash them upon critics with ENDLESS litigation they have no intend on winning. Their hope is that the critic will simply run out of money. They have copyrighted their holy writings and use copyright law to crush anyone who calls attention to their made up religion. Yes, they get paid a hell of a lot of money, but it begs the question of how they live with themselves? A public defender doesn't get to choose whether to defend a pedophile or not, he's just given the case and must do his best. But the lawfirms Scientology retains know their clients evil deeds. Or maybe the lawfirms are composed of Scientologists? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

...for my part. My law firm is comprised of many Jews and Greek Orthodox attorneys. No Scientologists that I am aware of...but, I would not discriminate against an employee if they held a belief in Scientology. We must always remind ourselves that it is the extreme views, whether they are motivated by religion, culture or national origin, that lend themselves to destruction. The Greeks and Turks have been killing each other for centuries because of their differences; the Jews against the Arabs, Japanese versus the North Koreans, East Indians against the Pakistanis...the list of hate goes on.

I admit to disdain for the actions of folks like Tom Cruise, who allegedly denied his wife a spinal block during child birth; not to mention his jumping up and down on Oprah's couch on national TV.

But, one person's "made up religion" is another person's faith. One persons heresy is another persons God.

I have often thought that humankind's most destructive creation has been religion. How many millions have been slain in the name of "God."?

All that I am saying is that Sientologists have a right to live. They have no right to be abusive, any more than a Christian does. That does not mean that I need to befriend them. Indeed, I may hate them. But, I hope I will always stop short of defiling their faith or killing them.

I would choose to combat "evil" (which according to Merlin lies where you least expect it) with information. Exposing a fraud, revealing truth and speaking out with reason. ...much like many of your blog entries.

As for those damn lawyers, Shakespeare was right; the first thing we do is kill them all.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the ol' "Humanity is screwed up because we're being haunted by SpaceAlien!Ghosts" folderol.


Makes me wish there was an International Day to Expose Cult Freakers, where people worldwide clog the net and media with those seekrit Hubbard scribbles. Hmmn, what about a Sci-enterology* virus that does the same thing? Originating from, oh, some place like Russia, China, or N. Korea?

*en·ter·ol·o·gy (nt-rl-j)

The branch of medicine concerned with disorders of the intestinal tract. (Y'know, 'cause it's Crap.)