Thursday, April 13, 2006

They shall know us by our tech

They shall know us by our tech
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Our recent trip to Raleigh was an exercise in frustration, a journey into madness and anger caused by a road system SO fucked up that even locals have NO idea how to get anywhere. I would subject my worst enemy to these roads.

This may have contributed to our descision to buy a GPS navigation unit. We stopped at a truck stop and were idly looking at the cool arroy of gadgets on display when my hand brushed against the Cobra NavOne 4000. This activated a salesman. The gentlemans name way Bill. He quickly explained that he had an open unit that had been returned. There was also a $100 rebate. Rossana was strong, but the big, shiny screen called to me. Bill was merciless. We could try it for 14 days, it had 7 million points of interrest. My eyes glazed over.

Needless to say we got it. It turns out Bill spent 15 years working at a gun shop. Its a good thing he left that job or I'd be the proud owner of a bazooka and a few dozen rounds.

Not that that would be a bad thing...


Ed Dale said...

Steve - you have a problem. A gadget problem. I think we, your friends, need to stage an intervention. I think we should all gather at your home next week. We will talk to you about this problem; how it is effecting your life, your friends, your job. Then we will take the next step and remove all of the gadgets from your life. The GPS, the air compressor, the welder, the camera phones, the digital camera's -all of them into the trash. Since trash pick up is infrequent out your way, maybe we should put them in our cars - to . . . remove temptation.

Dibs on the GPS unit!


Steve said...

I DO NOT have a gadget problem. I can stop using gadgets any time I wa.... ooooooh is that an ipod nano?


Ed Dale said...

Not actually on target, but I would like to let you know that we drank the bottle of Strawberry mead you gave us last night, and DAMN it is good. Duff and I are finishing off the last glass right now.

Anonymous said...

What's this?!?! Strawberry mead?!?! Damn. Competition. least let me try some next time we meet. Huzzah!

Sir Constantine.