Saturday, April 22, 2006

More gooder

I am by no means a music junkie, but I do like to 'rock out' now and then. This does not mean that I dance around the house in my skivies like Tom Cruise. Indeed that is a sight no one wants to see. But when I do hear a tune I like I want it NOW.
When some ditty catches my fancy I first track it down via the internets. Once I have a band name and song title I may wander through i-tunes. But 99 cents? Good heavens I'm no Rockefeller. I'm just an average Joe with limited moolah just like you. So chances are I'll cruise over to where I can download non DRM tunage waaaaaay cheap. And it's completely legal.

In Russia.


In any case I have been using the service for like a year now with no problems. To speed up the searching process they had a standalone music browser called the explorer. Each time you run the program it updates its catalog and allows you to search for and stream music before downloading your selections. Alas, this piece of software suffers from major usability issues. It works, but its no i-tunes. Well, imitation is the sincerest for of flattery and now has a nice program called alltunes. It's in beta, but what isn't these days? I downloaded it and it is a far sight better than the explorer. Much cleaner interface, easier searching. Nicer layout, fewer dialog boxes when you decide to buy.

So go forth my flying monkeys! Go and seek the music you desire. Save you money for gasoline and liquor.

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