Sunday, January 22, 2006


The current joke amongst my fellow travellers is that we will soon be rising so early that it will just be easier after dinner to change and head out again to see another temple. Sleep be damned. We were up at 4:30 am to visit the temple at Edfu. Once again our group had somehow managed to get access to the site before it officially opened. This didn't seem like a big thing until the gates opened at 7am and hoards of noisy tourists poured in.
At lunch we found ourselves sitting across from Dr and Mrs Weeks ( the man who is in charge of the Theban mapping project and the re-disccoverer of tomb KV5). Figuring he was constantly assaulted with Egyptology questions I was at a loss as to what to discuss. Rossana came to the rescue by mentioning the website for the Theban Mapping Project and how much I loved it. This led to questions about whatWE did and that always tends to break the ice. We ended up discussing several items unrelated to Archeology influding finding a way to get internet to his house boat so he could take the boat out more and still get work done. Had a great time. He then pointed to an area of rock cut sanctuaries near the quarries that provided some of the materials for the buildings at Luxor some 200 kilometers away.

I have fallen in love with this place and this way of travel. I will miss this boat when we have to leave it in Aswan.

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