Friday, January 06, 2006


You nay recall a few weeks ago that I was in the final stages of the 'meading process' and that soon the sweet nectar MIGHT be ready, that is, if I didn't completely fuck it up. Well, it seems that I did not fuck it up and the results are here for all to see. Behold! I give you Bag End Strawberry Mead.

"How much does it cost?" you ask. Foolish mortal! You cannot buy ambrosia, the food of the gods! But if you beg on bent knee (or just stand near me long enough) I will likely whip out a bottle in the way proud parents enjoy inflicting endless photos of their progeny on complete strangers.

I am told by people with palletes that would know that it is extremely drinkable, if not , in fact tasty. I like my mead sweet and this fulfill my tastes well. Your milage may vary. I am hoping that I can make another batch this February, provided Grimm is willing to hold my hand again. I cannot thank him anough for his help and advice. If you're thinking of making mead I recommend it highly, if only because you might get to set up a contraption that looks this cool in your kitchen (at least for a little while):


Anonymous said...

Nice label

Anonymous said...

Psyche! We got ours!