Saturday, December 10, 2005

Please ignore my previous post...

The one about wanting the Astin Martin DB-V? Yeah, you can just pretend that didn't happen. Why? Because some clever monkeys have come up with a kit for the f*cking Batmobile!!! Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick! And it only costs about $16,000. So...close..just out....of...reach. This lucky bastard had a JOB going around the country being Batman. How cool is THAT??

Go take a look at the site and the pics. The link to the kit are bad so you can use this one.

Would there be some kind of bad karma if I robbed a couple of liquer stores for the money to buy the car of a notorious do-gooder?

Shit! There seem to be OTHER clever monkeys offering kits evern CHEAPER.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, correctly.