Thursday, December 15, 2005

Meady goodness

I have been eagerly awaiting the magic day when the mead I cooked up last year with Grim is bottled. This day MAY be Friday. I talked to him today and he asked me if it was clear and if it had stopped fermenting. I answered yes to both questions. Since hitting it with a second applications of the magic sparkloid powder it was now much clearer.

I went out to the shop to, well, look at the gooey mess, like a proud father looks at the placenta and says "That's nasty, but I get a baby out of the deal, and that ain't so bad." But when I moved the bottle accidently, well.. swirled it a little accidently on purpose it bubbled a little.

Fuck. What do I do? Fuck! Does that mean it's still going? Shit. That was stupid. Call Grim. He'll know what to do. I give him a buzz. Grimm is like Winston Wolf, he fixes things.

"Hmm. Well, next to peeing in the carbouy that was the worst thing you could have done." Shit. "You might have stirred up some nastines and there may be some fermentation still going on, you'll need to rack it off. It you bottle it now, each bottle will be a ticking TIME-BOMB that could EXPLODE killing everyone in the immediet area."

Jesus, I just swirled the bottle a little once of twice, I didn't know I was setting up an IED factory.

Grim calmly tried to explain how to rack the mead from one bottle to another. "It's just like when you used to siphon gas when you were younger."

"Younger? Dude I own a cargo van, I siphonedf gas from my neighbor yesterday."

He told me how to use the racking cane (siphon). He then wished me good luck. I cleaned out and steralized the second bottle, did a practice run a few times and the process was actually kinda cool. The process sort of looked like a mad scientists chemistry experiment. Sweet. I successfully racked the mead and hope to bottle it very soon. With luck, it won't kill anyone, but I make no promisses. I want to make another batch, maybe raspberry. But propane is now waaaay expensive, and that's what heats the shop, where the mead god lives. I can't afford to keep the shop evenly heated all ther time. I don't know where I'd put it to keep it warm and happy.


Ed Dale said...

Maybe you should use your tools and build a small shelter in the shop that holds only the mead carbouy(s). Insulate it with some stuff from Home Despot. Then you only have to heat 5 sq ft instead of 5000.

Just a thought

Steve said...

It's an idea. Last year when the mead seemed to be slow I put it on a heating pad for a few weeks. Of course, electricity is also more exspensive this year.

Thge propage heater is a simple affair, no ducting, just a through the wall item. No easy way to get heat to insulated box. Hmmm thinking.

Ed Dale said...

Add ducting to the heater.

Anonymous said...

Grimm, Kayra, Holly, and Myro came out mid-December and helped us bottle our four batches.
Our raspberry came out great--actually all four came out pretty snazzy--on the sweet side but that's how I like it.
Isn't there some place in the house you could keep a carbouy?