Monday, September 12, 2005

Getting better all the time..

Mike "Drownie" Brown has resigned, proving that either he has a modicum of common sense or honor. I'm not going to guess at which it is. He still deserves any and all ethical or criminal prosecution that is coming to him (though given this administrations habit of rewarding fuck ups he will be getting the Medal of Honor in about 6 months).

He's been replaced by R. David Paulison, who seems to have actual experience with emergencies (check here). I don't know where he was previously in the chain of command but he certainly looks alot better than the idiots previously running this fiasco.

If you're still grinding your teeth in anger over this issue, DO NOT go look at this acticle. It will only give you an embalism. I gotta go hug another tree.


~Dev said...

Hey Steve... go check out some of the Quicktime links on this site... it may cheer you up (it certainly helped me laugh):

Here are the clips (of note) that you may enjoy:

**(Kurt Vonnegut on Bill Maher)

**(GO F**K YOURSELF MR. CHENEY, "The Daily Show")

**(MEET THE F**KERS, "The Daily Show")


Take care,

Anonymous said...

I thought you might appreciate this, though might wish to hug a few trees firs.

Google the word 'failure' and note the first search result. Sad but true.