Friday, August 12, 2005

King Midgets

King Midgets
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So we're getting gas in Norwalk Ohio on our way to the Michigan ren when

a funny little car putters by. Its gone so quick I don't have time to

identify it. It was certainly unusual. Small as a golf cart and as boxy

as a jeep.

Then another shows up. And another. Then a pack of them. Its like we

were being stalked by an evil heard of clown cars. I managed to snap a

few pics before flagging one down. It seems like this weekend is the big

jamboree for the King Midget, a car that was produced both as a kit and

as a complete vehicle in Athens ohio from the 40's to the 60's. Do a

google search to find their fan club home page and learn more than you

wanted to know about this funky little car.


Mike said...

Ah yes, the King Midget. A car ahead of its time in the USA, it would have been right at home in Europe or Japan at that time. I'd enjoy having one of the little suckers.

Northbenz said...

Although I live in Alaska, I was there in Norwalk for the 15th Annual King Midget Jamboree. I've belonged to the club in the past, but this was my first chance to see anyone else's King Midget car. (No, I did not drive or transport mine, which happens to be in storage in Utah at the moment.) The cars were actually raced at the Norwalk Speedway where some with altered engines got close to 70 mph. I'll try to add a link to a thead on another forum that includes several photos I took. You will have to scroll down a ways to locate the King Midgets though.