Saturday, May 07, 2005

Seems perfectly reasonable to me

I know that we live in a world with rules. We can't just go around and do shit just because we want to can we? Of course not. But some times it just feels good to whip out a big ass sword and do some damage.

Cops: Driver Defends Skills With Sword

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) -- A man is accused of defending his driving skills by pulling out a sword and popping a tire on another man's car.

Charles O'Neil, 36, was driving slowly on the Henri Burque Highway last Sunday when someone driving behind him became annoyed, honked his horn and passed him, police said.

When both vehicles stopped at a light, the two drivers got out and started an argument that ended with O'Neil allegedly pulled out a broadsword with a blade more than three feet long and telling the other driver, "I ought to run you through with this."

Police said O'Neil also pierced the other car's tires and then drove off.

He's been charged with criminal threatening and criminal mischief.

I know that swords should only be used to defeat evil warlords and dragons, sure. But sometimes a broadsword IS the answer to a minor disagreement.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer to melt such offenders autos in their entirety w/ my giant "laz-er beam"...well, its a smaller version of Big Daddy, scaled down for mobility if you must now, but it does the friggin' trick. Swords work too, but they leave a messy lil thing called evidence.

The Illustrious Dark Lord B