Monday, March 21, 2005

Fun mcfunfun

Fun mcfunfun

We're on our way home now. The event was a success. Wednesday and
Thursday were brutal, with the temperature dropping to 37 degrees. The
weather warmed up on friday and we pulled in some good sales. I got to
see the start of a fortress battle that made use of ballista and
catapults which was pretty damn cool.

We packed up Saturday night and tried to put some miles under our
wheels. On sunday we were slowed by a large chunk of metal that pierced
our rear tire, causing some tense driving moments. I managed to limp the
van to an exit where we learned that no one ever gets flat tires on
sunday, so there's no reason for any of the four tire places to be open.
(Insert swearing here).

I swapped out the crucified tire and got the spare on without too much
trouble. It was an unwelcome delay. We still need to stop at the Ohio
ren booth to see if it survived the winter unscathed. Its getting cold
again the further we go north. Where the hell is spring?

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