Monday, December 20, 2004

'Cause I got a golden ti-cket!'

My new passport arrived today and with it the promise of leaving the country whenever I damn well please. My wife's has yet to show up however and this led to a long hard look at me. I had to swear that I wouldn't pack up all my shit and leave for outer mongolia tonight without her. I promissed, and domestic bliss was re-established.

The new passport has my ugly mug digitally printed onto the first page, makeing forgery either much easier or much harder. There is now a very complex little hologram coating on the page. Why am I mentioning this? No reason... no reason at all...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, my esteemed spouse got a little edgy when I freaked out about my expired passport. "Planning a sudden trip?" he asked, so nonchalantly. Well, no, although a spontaneous getaway in, say, the Mediterranean (go on, say it!) sounds lovely compared to all this ICE.