Monday, November 22, 2004

Home again, home again...

We were at home for the weekend and it was pretty weird. We went to a movie Saturday afternoon and were stunned by the crowds. Usually we're the only people in a theater.

I'm taking the time to catch up on paperwork and clean up the house. I'm also puttering around the shop doing maintenance. (I love puttering) The shop makes getting projects done a LOT easier. Prior to heading to Las Vegas we needed a lightweight mannequin system. The regular ones are way to heavy and bulky to ship. Solution? Inflatable mannequin dress forms and copper pipe stands. My friend Grim kindly taught me to solder over the phone and the results were so good I designed and made two portable lights for the show as well.

We've been thinking of 'getting away' (fleeing) for the hollidays. So I checked my passport and lo, I need to get it renewed. This send Rossana searching for hers as well. I heard a scream as she discovered that hers was already expired. The knowledge that she couldn't leave the country kind of freaked her out. I mean, this is the woman that didn't fully unpack after moving in with me for two years. Needless to say, I have been on the internets getting the applications and we'll likely pay the extra $60 to get them expedited.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Senor Pack aka Eric the Bard,
My mother and I have been following your travels via blog and we would like to extend our distain and jealousy. We at the moment hate your guts, why may you ask do we have such a loathing towards you and yours? WE WANT TO TRAVEL ABROAD! See Rome, Morocca, Turkey, London, have a cool house. Las Vegas. At the moment my mother and I are at odds with the idea of my emancipation and dropping out so i can hitchike across the world in a bunny suit. Sorry to hear about your ducks...and your friend. Condolences. Please write more on your journeys since we will be living vicariously through you due to our recent poverty.
-The Brothel